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praise you for men and women in his love for each other have given us children that we might guide and encourage them. we seek your wisdom as our administrators and educate tors continue to teach our children ways which will strengthen them to be productive and positive citizens of this world, to only bring good. we pray we pray this will soon be replaced with a culture of life that embraces every person with human dignity. we are brought to you tonight in our prayer, those who have been lost, those whose hearts are broken forever. we bring your 20 new stores in the heavens, 20 new state and angels. those who risked their lives every day, not counting the costs, and we bring to you those who guide, those who counsel, those who bless and embrace the confused and broken, and we bring to view ourselves are broken this, our questions, our doubts, and our anger in our hearts, and we pray for the peace, hope, and renewal of trust that can come only from a god who first conceived as in love and places and hands of compassion on our shoulders, even in these challenging times, so tonight in
for free transcripts or to give us your comments about this program, visit us at q-and- >> tonight on the c-span bbc parliament's year-end review. and later another look at "q&a" with author kevin phillips. >> $50,000 in total prizes. the deadline's january 18th. for more information go to >> next, "bbc parliament's westminster review" takes a look back at all the major reviews. the debates with the prime minister on the british economy and the european union budget. the british particle jment in recess for the holidays. members return on january 7th. >> hello there. and welcome to the west minister review. our look back at the big events in parliament over the last three months. coming up in this program, the chancellor delivers the latest bleak economic view? his budget. david cameron's bench urges him to stand up to europe. >> i support absolutely. >> the ugly spector of child abuse hits the deadlines with some dramatic consequences. lord justin levison delivers his plan on press standards. >> we should be wary of any legislation that has the pote
to a recovery phase. tore used to in a recession have a deep downturn followed bay quite rapid recovery. it takes longer to readdress individual positions in their debt. and that means that it lasts much longer than everybody expects because everybody tries to save. >> so if things aren't very bleak across europe, why is it that in some countries as in greece and in spain we've seen the protest? >> i put greece out on its own because the magnitude of the downturn in greece has been phenomenal. it's had six recessive years. the loss of income is of the order of 20% to 30% on average. we've had nothing like that in this country. we're almost due to be back next year to where we were in 2007. it's not as though we've had a massive loss of income. so that's a fundamental loss of explanation. there are also cultural differences in some countries there is more of a tradition of having riots. if for instance, you contrast ireland and spain very similar pathologists a problem leading to the downturn. in ireland there were muted protest. in spain we've seen that the indignants have been on the s
place, it is used in every single terrorist case and in almost every single serious crime case. the question in front of the house of commons and house of lords is simply this -- because we currently have that data for 50 mobile telephone companies, and what will we do when tele- communications move over the internet? we could do nothing and not update the law. the consequence of that will be fewer terrorists brought to justice. i do not want to be the prime minister of the country that puts us into that position. >> -- >> mr. speaker, the government's proposal conflicts with article 29. does the government propose the repeal of magna carta? >> we do not intend that. i am sure he would understand i would like to learn about 1297 from the prime minister. the point we are making is the extent has massively increased. i think we can maintain access to justice but speed up the wheels of government a little. >> will the prime minister answer the question asked many times by my friend a few moments ago? will he confirm the majority of households will be hit by accountability and tax
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4